hospital management integeration (Visit Link on Picture Below)

hospital management integeration (Visit Link on Picture Below)
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Hospital Management System

Monday, September 22, 2008

HMS Software

NVISH Solutions Hospital Management System (HMS), iNERVE, enhances the excellence and management of Hospital Administration in various areas. iNERVE, a SaaS based Hospital Management System implemented in February 2008, is a flagship product of NVISH Solutions, which strives to reduce costs and improve the accuracy and timeliness of patient care, accounting and administration, record keeping and management reporting.

NVISH-iNERVE provides an offering for medical practices that combines automated hospital solutions, hospital workflow management, and laboratory management, easily customizable to the requirements of any hospital. We have such usability features, which result in radically improved control and knowledge over laboratory information management, medical billing, faster payments, increased collections and increased time for patient care. We deliver these results with unprecedented consistency and reliability. With its unique features, you will be able to have a better insight into medical practice billing and physician performance.

NVISH-iNERVE is a fully integrated system that includes key modules like registration, patient management, finance, billing, housekeeping services, blood-bank configuration, store and pharmacy. The system is intact with menu-driven screens and fields, which add on to the security feature of the software. Its to-use visual interface includes pull-down menus, dialog boxes and icons, and has context-sensitive help available with all features. You can generate extensive reports in real-time, for patient related information, hospital related information and statistical analysis. With NVISH-iNERVE, the solutions to all your time-consuming queries are just a click away as it will lead you to cost containment, coordination of benefits, and program integrity services for your healthcare organization.

Some of the key features of NVISH-iNERVE Hospital Management System are:

  • Comprehensive patient record management
  • Total security and privacy of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) through world class data servers
  • Centralized/Integrated Medical Billing Service
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS) for all operational, Diagnostic and administrative functions in a laboratory
  • Advanced and Affordable Health Care solutions through innovative technology, Hospital Information System and statistical analysis
  • Highest security at User Level, Module Level and Form Level
  • Complete web based administration of the system
  • Unique patient ID, generated after OPD and IPD registration, helps in centralizing the patient related information.
  • Track the entire medical history of a particular patient through Doctor’s Module
  • MIS reports for the smooth functioning of Hospital Management
  • HR and Payroll module catering to all needs of attendance and payroll accounting
  • MRP and Pharmacy modules including planned-order schedules, order releases, changes, performance-control reports, etc.
  • Blood Bank module for Donor registration and certification, Infectious markers, stock entry, and many more
  • OT management for Operation Theatre activities, such as equipment used details, resource ordering, drug order, patient monitoring, blood request, etc.
  • Financial Accounting System for hospitals based on double entry book-keeping methods.

NVISH-iNERVE can significantly improve your capacity through our fully integrated Hospital Management System. Overall, NVISH-iNERVE Hospital Management System is a combination of Services, Technology and rich domain experience of Hospital industry. It addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospitals.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hospital Management System

NVISH Hospital Management System is strong, easy to access, flexible system, designed and developed to deliver real imaginable gains to clinics and hospitals. And more significantly it is backed by reliable and independent support. NVISH – HMS is a solution that will significantly assist any health care organization in attaining HIPAA compliance. With their powerful feature set, NVISH - HMS address the specific concerns brought to the forefront by the Privacy Rule changes in the Health Care industry.

NVISH has designed this Hospital Management System for different multi-specialty hospitals, which covers a broad range of management processes and hospital administration. It is an unified throughout Hospital Management System that offers pertinent information all over the hospital to back effective decision making for hospital administration, patient care, and vital financial accounting, in a unlined flow.

It improve the management and quality of hospital health care management and clinical care in the areas of action-based costing and clinical process analysis. NVISH-HMS helps you to develop your hospital and improve its efficiency and quality of work. For a hospital to be successful it is vital to manage the key processes efficiently which you can achieved by HMS as it helps you to manage, your various hospital related processes. HMS offers all process management tools including analysis, modeling, and simulation. Documentation all though a decisive part of a Hospital, is a unproductive exercise for the intellect human being, whose capabilities lies in center areas of excellency. Hence a systematic way for documents to manage, can translate your Hospital resources to its advantage and Highest Utility.

Our client, a leading hospital plies a prominent number of patients from around the world every year. NVISH was given the province to alleviate the transparent and smooth operating of its activities by incorporating different activities, functions in a wide Hospital Management system.

NVISH took this fascinating project and our expert team built an elaborate plan after going through the requirements and completely going through the working of various departments. NVISH developed application software package that covers all the main functions of the hospital. This application software was multi-user Hospital system, operates on local area network (LAN) spread over the hospital. We have developed this radical product very precise in its approach path and matches all environments including small, medium or large sites. This fully automated software includes modules like online report generator, patient registration, billing & accounting, security command center, laboratory information management and many more add on modules that can check out each and every activities of patients only on one click.

As every hospital is different with respect to its priorities and requirements. Hence, tractability has been integrated into HMS by NVISH, which facilitates for simple and easy customization to fit individual hospital anticipations. NVISH has designed HMS in such a way as to make its utilization visceral, which help hospital personnel to quickly and easily accept it. It ensures speedy upgrades when the hospital's business policies changes or as per the time demands. What matter most is when information collection, snack and retrieval all gets automated, patient care gets top precedence in the minds of hospital personnel and physicians.

NVISH Hospital Management System offers the advantage of sleek operations, advanced administration and automatized control, bettered response to patient care, rigorous cost control, overall efficiency and improved profitability.

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